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Common Core Sheets Fan Monday January 23, 2023
Common Core Sheets Fan Monday April 25, 2022
Robert (Admin) Tuesday April 26, 2022
Hey there,
I tested a few spelling lists and they all generated a cursive sheet. :/
Could you shoot me a link to one of the lists that isn't generating the cursive page so I can take a look and see what may be causing the issue?
Freddy Ulate Friday May 28, 2021
Me gustaría sugerir que en la columna de respuestas los espacios esten a la misma altura de los ejercicios. Algunos chicos, principalmente los más pequeños, no tienen buenas habilidades de ubicación espacial y eso hace que se salten algunas respuestas y se confundan. Gracias.
Margarita Wednesday September 16, 2020
Excelente trabajo es muy práctico y útil para nosotros los docentes, un gran apoyo, los felicito
Светлана Thursday May 28, 2020
Katie Wednesday May 6, 2020
Okay, I think I just realized that I was confused, and the reason there are only commas is because it is a whole number worksheet, and not decimals.

Would it be possible for you to make versions of this with decimals?
Robert (Admin) Tuesday May 12, 2020
I hate that sheet.
It was actually based on an Oklahoma released test item, but it's totally wrong the way they worded it.
Since the value is not X times, the digit is X times. In any case I whipped up a version with decimals here with a bit different wording to be more accurate:
Katie Wednesday May 6, 2020
Another urgent fix

The same problem I mentioned in my previous comment is on this worksheet:


Katie Wednesday May 6, 2020
Urgent edit request-

This worksheet:
La identificación de valor y valor posicional.


When I have my option set as the international way to show decimal points (3.987,23), and I create a new sheet, there are only commas and no points for the thousands. Could you please fix thi?
Katie Monday May 4, 2020
Hi there,
On the Spanish Convertiendo formas worksheets from word to number and vice versa, there are some errors in spelling. These numbers should have accents:

Robert (Admin) Friday May 8, 2020
I've updated it in the code (so it should be fixed in any 'create new sheet'. But behind the scenes I can't really update any premade ones at the moment. :/
I should have things fixed in the next couple weeks though.
Dana Reginato Thursday April 16, 2020
Robert (Admin) Friday April 17, 2020
I'll definitely take you up on that. I'm in the process of restructuring the worksheets right now, but I'm hoping to be done in a week or so. And then it should be a lot easier to translate stuff. :)
Erika Lopez Tuesday March 3, 2020
La hoja de medir angulos con transportadores no esta imprimiendo correctamente. Ya intentamos diferentes maestras en diferentes computadoras e impresoras y nada.
Kati Monday May 6, 2019
Puedes subir una hoja con lectura de decimales?

Por ejemplo

38,752 = treinta y ocho coma setecientos cincuenta y dos milésimas

62,83 = sesenta y dos coma ochenta y tres centésimas
Ian Niktab Thursday September 20, 2018
Pueden corregir sus posiciones de valor en Espanol. Can you please fix and edit your place values in Spanish.

Rick J Friday February 23, 2018
Not sure if you are aware the English site is not loading, IP address error.
Robert (Admin) Friday February 23, 2018
Yeah the host changed some stuff around without asking me and broke it. It should be up and running shortly though.
Kathy S. Friday February 23, 2018
Where's the English site?
Robert (Admin) Friday February 23, 2018
Yeah the host changed some stuff around without asking me and broke it. It should be up and running shortly though.
Christy M Friday February 23, 2018
What's up with the English site?
Robert (Admin) Friday February 23, 2018
Yeah the host changed some stuff around without asking me and broke it. It should be up and running shortly though.
kenniy hankes Thursday January 21, 2016
I hate this thinks boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.bla bla
Megan Wednesday September 2, 2015
Estas hojas son fantasticos! Muchas gracias!
selena Wednesday May 20, 2015
This so good and useful because i am learning so
Much in just one day.